Henrique Alves
Henrique Alves@healves82

Jan 13, 2016

Breaking less things

In the past year I had the opportunity to work in small, medium startups environments and big enterprise companies as well. In both places I met and worked with amazing talented people.

The conversation around “move fast and break things” have always bothered me.

As Software Engineers we love to build products but we also love the craftsmanship around each feature. Nobody wants to delivery a crap feature. All we want is to delight our users, make their life easier by building better software.

This mindset and constantly chase for the get things out of the way as quick as possible is also doing harm. The quick fix of today may become the technical debit of tomorrow.

I’m not suggesting you should stop shipping, quite the opposite:

Ship small features with great UX every day.

In 2016 I’d love to see less broken things, less tools, less burnout, less fatigue and less negativism. Let’s help to build more sustainable development environments.